How To Pair Apple Watch To New Phone

How To Pair Apple Watch To New Phone : If you have Just Got New Phone and wanted to Pair your apple watch with it then this post is for you . In this post we wil tell you  ” how to pair apple watch to new phone ” . Well Pairing is very easy method but if you will not follow all the steps , step by step then you may lose your Data , so follow all the steps , step by step.

In this Process of Pairing we will tell you How To Pair Apple Watch to new Phone without loosing any data process so lets get Started.

In this method of Pairing , we are pairing our old Apple watch with the new iPhone , if you want to pair your apple watch with default settings or as a new watch then erase all content and settings on your Apple Watch by going to the Watch app on your iPhone, then General > Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings. Then you will be able pair your freshly reset Apple Watch with your new iPhone.

How To Pair Apple Watch to New Phone

If you like to use your saved data or wanted to pair your old apple watch with New iPhone then follow the following steps , step by step . It is very easy to pair Apple watch with New iphone but if you donot follow all the steps or do anything wrong you may loose your data .

1) In First Step Create a backup of your Apple Watch set up. To do so, you first have to go to the Watch app on your iPhone. Then tap on your watch at the very top. Then Tap the ” i ” icon next to your watch, and finally, select Unpair Apple Watch.

Unpairing is the only way to create a backup of your Apple Watch. All contents and settings will then be backed up to your iPhone.

The next step is to backup your iPhone itself. You can do so either using iCloud backup, in which case, your Apple Watch backup will automatically be part of the iPhone backup.

You can also choose to do a backup of your iPhone using iTunes. If you choose that option, make sure to tick the Encrypt iPhone Backup option before backing up your iPhone.

How To Pair Apple Watch To New Phone

Step 2 and 3

2) Once you have unpaired your watch from your old iPhone and backed up that old iPhone, you can grab your shiny new iPhone and go through the set up process. Make sure to set it up from backup, and not as a new device. You will be offered to set up your new iPhone from the most recent backup . That we just did in step 1 above. Choose that back and continue on with the set up process.

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3) Once your new iPhone is set up, it is now time to pair your old Apple Watch. Open up the Watch app and start the pairing process between your new iPhone and your existing Apple Watch. After the initial pairing process is completed, you will be offered to either set up your Apple Watch as new.  Or set it up from an existing backup. Select Restore from Backup. This will bring back all the data we backed up in Step 1 to your existing watch.

Restoring an Apple Watch is a lengthy process so you will have to be patient. After an hour or so, your Apple Watch should be all ready to go, and so should your new iPhone.

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