Things to look for in a gaming laptop

Things to look for in a gaming laptop

As being gaming desktops being the coolest gadget one can have, they are a pain to lug around with. For that reason, only, gaming laptops are invented. The laptops come in different shape, sizes and configurations. They are portable and easy to carry while during travelling. Then the question arises, what specifications are required for a gaming laptop? Which company is the best? Does its worth of spending thousands of Rupees? In this article, I am going to clear your every doubt about gaming laptops.

11 Things to Look for in a Gaming Laptop

11 Things to Look for in a Gaming Laptop


things to look for in a gaming laptop : Everyone likes to play games on big screens, for that reasons only laptops with 17inch-18inch screen display laptops are released. As they have a more extensive display, they are quite heavy and comes with a higher end component. On the other hand, laptops with 14inch displays are lighter and less costly. The gaming laptops come equipped with desktop-equivalent graphics cards and some also come with a 4k display.


things to look for in a gaming laptop : Generally, a mouse is used by everyone when it comes to plays games. But trackpad also comes in handy; it’s tough to gauge how trackpad feels until you use it by yourself. Some gaming laptops like Alienware provide glowing trackpads. It is not used that much, but it looks wonderful.


A keyboard must offer a decent sense of actuation force, and as compared to desktop’s keyboard it should feel more tactile as a result.


Now a day’s speakers are not that much used for gaming purposes, as most of the gamer uses headphone for playing games. But some laptops come with a subwoofer on the bottom, which provides extra oomph.

Size and Weight:

things to look for in a gaming laptop : Thicker the laptop, better will be the gaming performance. Thin gaming laptops are more disposed to overheating and performance throttling. So, it is essential to design such laptops with convenient shape, size and weight. Engineers developed these laptops to provide the best gaming experience according to their configurations. To learn about these technology you need to apply for JEE Main 2018 and get admission in best engineering colleges


Whenever you buy a laptop make sure that it has sufficient amount of ports. Check for how many USB 3.0 slots and how many HDMI cable slots are given? Also, check for SD card slots and USB type C connectivity.


Always go for CPUs attached with the quad core from Intel.  The i7-6700HQ carries a base processor frequency of 2.6GHz but will turbo up to its max frequency of 3.5GHz.


The minimum requirement of Ram for gaming is 8GB. But it won’t be a bad idea to extend your RAM up to 16Gb. Set the RAM into dual channel mode, which means you have 2 sticks of RAM instead of one. The speed of the RAM shouldn’t be more than 1600MHz.

Market Value :

Some companies put the cost of the laptops very high according to their brand name. These are the tricks of marketing they use as most of their marketing managers are professionally trained having a degree in MBA. Top MBA colleges in Kolkata produces most of the best students in our country.

Graphics Card :

Nvidia is the mother of all when it comes to graphics cards. GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is the best for playing games in 1080p. You can play 3D Android Games using Pc Simulator as well. If you want top performance and want to play at Ultra High End, I recommend GTX 1080 for 4K display gaming.

Storage :

Solid State Drives are compulsory for storing high-end games in your laptops. SSD’s up to 1TB is recommended as out of which 120GB will be used by your processor.

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