Virat Kohli made his 50th century in international cricket and 18th in test cricket

Virat Kohli’s 50th International Century

Virat Kohli: Indian captain Virat Kohli, who completed 50 centuries in international cricket, said on Sunday that such figures show that the journey is not so long. Kohli hits the century at the last day of the first Test against Team Sri Lanka and saved the India’s second innings. It is his 18th century in the Test cricket and the 50th century in the international cricket. Also the Maximum Century in International Cricket and test cricket record is hold by Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar is the batsmen cricketer who has the largest number of centuries.

Kohli said that the record for him is just the number filled. After a match against Sri Lanka, he said, ‘It feels good to complete 50 Centuries. But my journey is not so long. He also said improving my performance will be more happier for me rather than thinking about the number of centuries.. This will be my thinking till I play the cricket matches.

On Kohli’s unbeaten 104 runs, India declared their second innings at 352 for eight wickets, which seems impossible to make 231 runs in a session to win against Sri Lanka. The target was far from the reach of Sri Lankan batsmen but Indian bowlers bowled with full confidence and got seven wickets of 75 runs, due to bad lighting conditions in the ground Indian bowlers have advantage to get more wickets on the ground.

Kohli was asked, what was going on in the mind of the team in the last session, he said that he was very happy with the fact that due to the rain, lot of time was wasted, still the players of the Indian team showed the great confidence and Played well.

Kohli also said, “It was necessary to get something from this match in whatever we had. There were considerable changes in the circumstances in five days. We had to show emotions after being backward for the first or second day of the match. The Indian captain said, “The team showed great zeal, we were not thinking about scattering in batting. We had faith in our strong side. If you are not mentally strong then it becomes difficult to play on such a wicket. I’m proud of the way we finished the match.

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