Facebook Oculus Go Launched Price , Specs , Specifications and Features

Facebook Oculus Go

facebook oculus go specs specifications and features

Facebook , the most popular social networking Site’s CEO/Founder Mark Zuckenberg Launches the all new Virtual Reality Headset, the Oculus GO. Few Months ago there were many rumours that Facebook is working on a Virtual Reality Technology with Oculus.  Hugo Barra , the Ex Vice President of Xiaomi , is now VP Head of Facebook VR . Hugo says ” Oculus Go will be our First Standalone VR Product and Hands-down the easiest way to get into VR” . Oculus Go is Priced at $199 and will available to purchase from 2018 and Dev kits will start shipping in November.

Facebook Oculus Go Specifications and Features

Facebook all new VR, Oculus Go is the first Stand out Product by Facebook, through which you can easily step in the world of Virtual Reality. Oculus Go Delivers amazing viewing experience while watching Movies, Concerts and Playing Games.

Oculus Go will work without smartphone

The all new Oculus Go doesnot require any wire connection unlike the Oculus Rift . It will easily work without connecting with any smartphone or computer. Many Bloggers says , due to its high price it may not get popular among buyers.

Built-in Headset with 3.5 mm Headphone Jack

Virtual Reality is a unique experience in itslef .In thsi User moves the screen closer to his eyes , so it seems like the user is in another world of Virtual Reality. Its experience is like traveling in a space or an animated world. Oculus Go also gets Built-in headset . Along with this , standard 3.55mm audio jack is given for personal use as well .

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